Hacked WordPress Site

What to expect when we repair a hacked WordPress website.

  • We start repairs quickly. We make it a priority to remove embarrassing or inappropriate links quickly.

  • All technical repair and customer support is provided by our team of experts.

  • We review every file on the damaged site for malicious code.

  • Additional scans are run to make sure all malware, viruses and back-doors are removed.

  • We add permanent security solutions to protect your site from future damage.

  • If your site was blacklisted, we will explain the process of getting the blacklisting removed.

  • We guarantee your site will not be reinfected or damaged for 30 days or your money back.

Hacked WordPress Site

$12500*One Time
  • We Repair Your Site
  • Guaranteed for 30 days

* This price assumes an average size WordPress site under 10 pages. Larger sites and single hosting accounts with more than one WordPress installation may require a higher fee. 

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